R. Szabó, M. J. Szabó: Kepler planets discovered by the dozen M. Serényi, A. Csík: The structural stability of a multilayer system of amorphous silicon/germanium paired elements – part II Á. Egri, G. Horváth: Spherically corrected monofocality or bifocality: optical functions of the central core in lenses of trilobite eyes – part I K. Kertész, G. Piszter, Z. Vértesy, L. P. Biró, Zs. Bálint: The well-tuned blue: the role of structural colours as optical signals in species recognition of a local butterfly fauna – part I A. Hágen: The estimation of dinosaur velocities based on the analysis of their footprints L. Wirth: Two and a half centuries ago: Newton's physics presented in Hungary by P. Makó E. A. Szála: Remembrance K. Szily TEACHING PHYSICS S. Egri, J. Máth: Teaching physics: what, how, to whom? T. Stonawski: The physics of safety gaps T. Csörgő: How to "make" a Higgs-boson using quark matter – part II M. Nagy, K. Radnóti: The solving of Boltzmann distribution problems K. Radnóti: Report on the XVI. Leo Szilárd Contest in nuclear physics – part I K. Baranyai: Melting icebergs, warmer oceans The biggest lemon power station OPINIONS G. Válas: On climate changes Question without answer (Z. Trócsányi, D. Horváth) BOOKS EVENTS